About Us

We specialise in full life cycle rapid application development in the microsoft cloud space.  We integrate multiple platforms creating large scale heterogeneous solutions comprising the technologies, third party tool sets and platforms listed here.




We work with our clients to identify their requirements.  We bring to the table our experience with the current and proven technologies to identify opportunities to apply these technologies to the client's business and systems to make every attempt to ensure maximum future proofing.



Taking advantage of a range of "best of breed" tools, common and reusable code and time saving methodologies we are able to create enterprise scale solutions comprising many technologies with significantly lower cost to the customer.



Utilising latest "route to market" and deployment mechanisms many of the traditional concerns are aleviated.


Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Shop for mobile apps and Microsoft "Click Once" deployment are  popular, manageable deployment mechanisms. 



We provide ongoing maintenance and support.  Products like Microsoft Azure require management.  We can also provide training to clients own personnel.